In this pandemic situation where COVID-19 has become a risk for millions of lives also hit businesses. If people avoid coming to markets that lead to the danger of huge business losses will eventually shepherd to shut down. The lessor or no consumer spending can bring a situation where some businesses may not be seen anymore.

The worst-hit in this pandemic for retail businesses is consumer contact is a necessity of business growth. Consumer spending at lower to minimal, people avoid contacting, a social distancing that prevents them from touching and feel a product might lead to a reduction in the number of customers and revenue.

If customers are not willing to come to the market place because of the pandemic, why not market place go to them. The general way is to bring business online is through websites.

Online business has many benefits:

  • Showcase your products:
    • Use pictures and videos to showcase your products
    • Can give offers with ease
    • Customer can compare prices and features easily
    • Need to describe product at once
    • Can sell with online payment through payment gateways, direct bank transfers or cash on delivery
  • Delivery:
    • Use pictures and videos to showcase your products
    • Can ask a customer to choose delivery according to schedule
    • It can take delivery notes such as if the customer wants a product as a wrapped gift.
  • Subscription to the newsletter:
    • The market place can have its newsletter that can be sent through email to subscribed customers.
    • The newsletter can have new products available in the market place with offered prices
    • It could ask customers to prebook if a new product will arrive in a few days
  • Maintains bills and records:
    • The online shop helps you to maintain products and bill records
    • If need to print delivery slips and bills
  • Ease of Transactions:
    • Customers can pay through credit card or online payment services via payment gateways set up on the website.
  • Manuals for products:
    • Can add Manuals and video tutorials for the product if needed
  • Search and filtering:
    • By using search and filtration methods products can be easily searched from long lists
  • Flexibility:
    • Can manage online shop from anywhere no extra software installation is needed.
  • Digital presence:
    • Website can help improve your online presence to global market as well.

To bring business online is a necessity of time. Customers are preferring to shop online rather than go to shops. The key point that needs to keep in mind is to provide customers genuine products with satisfaction by delivering on time.

Crystal Tech solutions can help you to bring your business online with ease and without worries. Contact us through email, phone, or by requesting free consultation by clicking here.